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Is your leadership meaningful?

Is your leadership meaningful?

A 180-years-old technology is currently rocking the automotive industry. The electric engine will literally move us to the future. In a similar way, a more than 80-years-old powerful concept of motivation and resilience is rediscovered for business and leadership.Cost...

What do you really want?

What do you really want?

    We are all used to asking us “why”. Why am I doing this? Why should I continue? I would like to suggest a shift in perspective and another wh-question that will change our view! I very much prefer to ask “What for?”!We regularly feel driven by...

The Big 5 from teamwork to dreamwork

The Big 5 from teamwork to dreamwork

During my 12 years as business consultant & coach my clients frequently ask me „how do I improve the performance of my team ?“ This question is strongly related to the increasing war for talents and fluctuation-rate as well as the fact that teams become more and...

Man’s search for meaning at work

Man’s search for meaning at work

Don't get me wrong: of course, women are also searching for meaning at work. The title of this article is derived from the famous book „Man's search for meaning“ written by Viktor E. Frankl, the Viennese psychiatrist. Both, as a physician and philosopher, he was...

Are meaning, value and purpose clear for everyone in your organization?

Research shows that high engagement of employees can boost revenue growth by up to two and a half times (Hay Group’s global normative database and client business metrics). 

Unfortunately more companies are missing out on their employee’s full potential. That’s sad. Fortunately we can help you fix the problem. 

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