Imagine discovering meaning and values every day that enrich and support employees, leaders and companies to make a healthier workplace.

Our Global Expert Partners commit helping workplaces find strategy and motivation by the approach of meaning

We are the leading global partners working with new concepts of finding meaning and values in modern workplaces of the twenty-first century.

Do you and your business thrive?

Todays research shows, that more and more people all over the world feel dissatisfied with their jobs.

Work for many people is still a means of making money, establishing status and external recognition, and people spend many hours at their workplace and many hours thinking about their work. At the same time, more and more people are asking themselves the question: “Is my work meaningful?” and “Does my work match my everyday life and life goals?”

Across the world, chronic diseases, diagnoses of stress and depression are growing and generally health is not improving. It puts pressure on the question “Who am I? And what is the meaning of my life?”

Let us help you work with strategy and motivation by the approach of meaning

Where ever you are in the world we have skilled partners with both a deep experience in understanding the workplace and strong competences in philosophy, theory and methods of meaning. Our partners know how to craft a professional program designed to meet your needs.

We find the partners and work both global and local. We can arrange workshops, keynote speakers, conferences, 1:1 session etc.

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During my 12 years as business consultant & coach my clients frequently ask me „how do I improve the performance of my team ?“ This question is strongly related to the increasing war for talents and fluctuation-rate as well as the fact that teams become more and...

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