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We offer strategic programs aligned with your business that help your organization work with strategy and motivation by the approach of meaning.

Helping your organization having a meaning-orienteered work culture is the key factor to enhance resilience, performance and sustainability

Technology and digital development are changing the world rapidly and have a huge impact not only on the way we as individuals interact and communicate with each other but also in the way workplaces and companies are structured and organized.

The use of technological and digital solutions gives opportunities for new types of companies, new jobs and new ways of working both internal and external. At the same time, it makes high demands for both individual and company to be flexible and adaptable, which can feel like a threat and create feelings of meaninglessness and push forward the question of: “Who am I?” and “Is my work meaningful?”.

Are your employees feeling engaged at work?

Only 27% of employees all over the world are highly engaged in their job and 38% moderately engaged  (Global Employee Engagement Rebounds), which means companies are missing out on the full potential of their employees.  

Are you maximizing your coworkers potential? Are they engaged in their work and committed to the companies goals?

  • Highly Engaged employees – 27%
  • Moderately Engaged Employees – 38%
  • Passive Employees – 21%
  • Actively Disengaged Employees – 14%

When you create a culture of meaning and purpose you will se measurable results

Leaders who consciously work with a meaning-centered approach in the business as a whole positively can affect those they work with. They become better role models for a more sustainable behavior, which results in a meaning-oriented work culture that is ultimately more functional, adaptable and sustainable.

Meaning-centered management reflects what a person or company exists for, believes in, strives for, and takes responsibility for. It is about how you, as a leader, achieve growth both strategically, economically and socially by inspiring people’s deepest meaning, values and purposes.

Any kind of business requires some form of economic capital if it is to succeed in the short term. But in order for leadership to inspire long-term and sustainable, it must also pursue spiritual capital, which is a meaning-oriented work culture as the main element. 

We can help!

Our Global Experts provides you and your business an additional set of meaning-centered skills. We offer you powerful ways to improve your business by a meaning-centered approach in management. We can help you:

  • Help your organization create meaning as a work culture that help people work to their full potential.

  • Help establish training and employee assistance that enable your employees to help you reach your business goals.

  • Help develop leadership concepts where the meaning approach is incorporated into the company’s strategic starting point.

  • Give support in existential crises that help people find meaning again.

Let us help you empower your business to thrive

Everything we do starts with you.

We got your back no matter what business you are from. Our Expert Partnersare global and no matter where in the world you are, we can give you a healthy dose of inspiration on how to live and work meaning-centered. 

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