Want to become a Global Expert Partner?

We’re always on the lookout for like-minded partners. Meaning at Work strive to retain the most talented people that fit our belief through the approach of meaning.


To become member and have the status as a Global Expert Partner you must have a focus on working with meaning as an approach targeting workplaces e.g. organizational development, management, leadership concepts, training, employee assistance, coaching, counselling or providing support in existential crises.

Membership fee

The membership fee goes to the administration costs of running meaning-at-work.com and any profit to hold a meaning-at-work conference for companies and organizations together with Global Expert Partners. The fee is 133 EURO / 148 USD per year.

Benefits of membership

  • Acknowledged on the map on the website with references and details of your own business and website.
  • Monthly newsletters.
  • The possibility to be the Meaning-speaker of the monthly newsletter.
  • Allowed to use the membership logo e.g. at your website or in your auto signature in mails.

For more information about the membership, please contact…

Anja Elfrida Hald

(+45) 5382 6716

Conny Martens

(+43) 660 6565288

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