About Meaning at Work

We bring together both experts working with a meaning centered approach and companies and organizations who are looking for new ways of working with meaning at all levels.

Who we are

We help both individuals and companies with awareness and understanding of how to implement and operationalize the approach of meaning both strategic and as a way of living everyday life at work. We understand the environmental challenges at work.

Meaning at Work provide the management of the organization with strategic input and independent advice in relation to the overall strategy and activities. We’ve collected the best professionals from all over the world who have a unique focus working with meaning as an approach targeting workplaces.

What we do

We bring new approaches in finding meaning and translate the understanding of meaning into modern workplaces at all levels.

We are specialists using meaning as an approach both at organizational development, management, leadership concepts, training, employee assistance, coaching, counselling and to providing support in existential crises.

Our mission is to help employees, leaders and organizations enhance resilience, performance and sustainability through the approach of meaning.

Our core beliefs

Life has meaning in all circumstances - even the most miserable ones.

Everyone have the freedom to access the will to find meaning.


Meaning is our primary motivation for living and acting in life.

Every individual is unique and irreplaceable.

Let us help you empower your business to thrive

Everything we do starts with you.

We got your back no matter what business you are from. Our Expert Partners are global and no matter where in the world you are, we can give you a healthy dose of inspiration on how to live and work meaning-centered.

Members of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provide the management of the organization with strategic input and independent advice in relation the overall strategy and activities.

Dr. Anja Elfrida Hald


Dr. Harald Pichler


Dr. Conny Martens


Dr. Paul McQuillian


Prof. Alexander Batthyány, PhD

Special Expert Advisor

Prof. Alexander Batthyány, PhD, holds the Viktor Frankl Chair for Philosophy and Psychology at the International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

He teaches theory of cognitive science on Vienna University’s cognitive science program and logotherapy and existential analysis in the Department of Psychiatry at the Vienna Medical School. Since 2012, Batthyány is Visiting Professor for existential psychotherapy at the Moscow University Institute of Psychoanalysis. He is Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute and the Viktor Frankl Archives in Vienna and first editor of the 14-volume edition of the Collected Works of Viktor Frankl.

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